Travel with Thomas Archer

Thomas is based nationally across Australia, where he’s a frequent traveler to major cities. Occasionally, he also plans international travels. The great news is, Thomas can travel just about anywhere upon request.

Notice for Something Special with Thomas

The more notice, the better! Thomas plans his schedule a month in advance, and you can check out his upcoming travels on the travel page. If you have specific questions about his next visit to your location, feel free to reach out directly.

Seeing Thomas’s Face

Thomas prefers to keep the mystery alive! You’ll get to see his face in person, as he doesn’t share photographs or videos displaying it. It’s all about respecting your privacy, and he hopes you’ll do the same.

Payment Expectations with Thomas

Thomas accepts cash payments and, on most occasions, a bank deposit to his account to confirm your rendezvous.

Non-Sexual Experiences with Thomas

Absolutely! Thomas can be your companion in any situation you like. Just drop him a message to discuss the details.

Agency Affiliation

No agencies here! Thomas operates independently as a private companion.

Gifts for Thomas

While gifts aren’t expected, if you’re feeling generous, consider fashion items, red wine, fragrances, massage or haircut vouchers, books, or watches. Gifts are appreciated but not a replacement for payment.

Why Women Choose Thomas’s Services

For women, going out on the scene can be tough. Thomas has heard from many women who prefer the safety, discretion, and professionalism of an escort. It’s about expressing desires, being in control, and enjoying the expertise of someone who knows their way around behind closed doors.

Getting in Touch with Thomas Archer

Text message, phone call, or email – all on the “Contact” page! Keep in mind, Social Media isn’t the best way to reach Thomas. He can’t always answer calls, and the nature of discussions might not be suitable for certain environments.

Additional Photographs or Videos

Check out Thomas’s social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, he doesn’t send additional content on request.

Discretion with Thomas

Confidentiality is key with Thomas. Anything you discuss with him remains confidential. He even offers to sign a confidentiality agreement if that’s what you’d prefer.

Keeping Your Details with Thomas

Thomas only keeps details with consent. Your privacy is respected, and he won’t contact you if you wish otherwise. With consent, he sends reminders of his return to certain locations, keeping all information private and confidential.

Discounts with Thomas

Thomas values your investment in a premium service, and he asks for respect regarding his rates. The focus is on a fabulous experience, and any negotiation might diminish that.

Sending Photos to Thomas

Absolutely not necessary! Thomas doesn’t judge appearances; he’s here to create a supportive environment. Common courtesy and human decency are all he expects.

Duration for Your First Encounter with Thomas

Thomas recommends at least two hours for your first encounter. It provides the time and space to talk, connect, and ensure a truly enjoyable experience.

Authenticity of Testimonials and Photographs with Thomas

Thomas relies on his reputation. Everything you see and read on this site and his social media is 100% genuine. Endorsed by Scarlet Blue, Thomas stands by the authenticity of his offerings.

Warning: Explicit Content

This website contains adult material that is not suitable for those under the age of 18 years.
This website is not suitable for those residing in states and countries where prostitution is illegal.
Reviews are not to be seen as a representation of services available but recollections of experiences between two consenting adults.