Thomas is based in Melbourne but travels nationally
across Australia and commutes globally regularly.

Thomas plans his schedule a month in advance to make
his busy lifestyle more manageable, and to ensure
he can make time for visits all around Australia.
Cities that Thomas regularly travels to include Sydney,
Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra,
Hobart and Darwin.

Travel Schedule

As Thomas thrives on travel and new surroundings, he is known to visit other locales at times.

For possible meet-ups outside of capital cities and outside of Australia, please feel free to contact Thomas for an update on these locations.

Please be aware that this schedule is always subject to change, always confirm with Thomas directly.

Special requests to alter Thomas’s travel schedule can always be discussed.

12 to 16Feb2024Sydney
20 to 23Feb2024Adelaide
18 to 25May2024Brisbane

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